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Cowgill Family – Smyrna, DE

"We embarked on a journey to find a puppy that suited our family’s needs (including finding one that was hypo-allergenic due to our daughter’s dog allergy) in the early Fall of 2020.  We considered several breeds, but landed on what we thought would be the best fit – a Labradoodle.  The reputation of both breeds drew us to our selection.  After a few months of searching and coming up empty-handed, we were directed to Kelly and Aaron via mutual friends, and we began communicating with them, expressing our desire to add a new member to our family.  We shared our concerns around our daughter’s dog allergy with Kelly and she invited us to visit to meet with Meka and Milo as a “test” before we committed to purchasing one of the puppies.  When we visited, Kelly and Aaron were extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and showed a genuine concern for our daughter and a desire to help our family figure this all out.  The level of care and accommodations they provide their dogs was immediately on display.  Their dogs are truly members of their family.  Thankfully, the visit went well and we were able to submit our deposit for our new puppy!  Throughout the first 8 weeks of our puppy’s life, we received regular communication and updates, including pictures and videos, in addition to recommendations for food and stories of his temperament and personality.  At 8 weeks, we picked up our “Dawkins,” and could not have been happier!  He was big, healthy, and gorgeous!  It was a very emotional moment for our family as well as Kelly and Aaron!  While they were happy to see Dawkins going to a good home, it was evident they’d miss him and loved him dearly.  We were provided with his inoculation records, recommendations to continue with the same brand and type of food, and his favorite toy.  Since bringing him home, our lives have brightened more than we could ever have imagined.  Dawkins is smart, playful, extremely loving, loyal, and so much fun!  Our vet has been impressed and pleased with his growth and progression, and he’s done so well acclimating to our home from the very beginning.  We couldn’t be happier with our entire experience with Kelly and Aaron (and Meka & Milo), and would recommend them to anyone looking for a big, beautiful, loving and awesome Labradoodle!"

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