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Dog Walking

It's a Pack Thing

A happy healthy pup needs daily exercise and sometimes with busy lives you simply cannot find the time to give your dog proper exercise. An exercised dog is a happy dog. No need to worry about that anymore, Aaron will come to you! Do you need your pup walked once a week? Three times a week? Possibilities are endless! Aaron will take your pup with our trained dogs to exercise and practice learning social skills in our pack approach.

30 Minute Walking Sessions: 

If your pup needs serious leash training and/or community socialization or just needs to get out for a stroll, then these sessions are for you. Imagine your pup being one of those super well behaved dogs walking through the park without tugging lunging or barking. With these one on one leash training sessions your dog will master leashed social etiquette! 

2+ Hr. Pack Excursions: 

Generally these off-leash pack walks will find your dog joyfully running about on the beach or through the woods or on the beach out and about in their most natural setting. During these sessions your pup will learn proper socialization and enjoy a thorough exercise! For this service we provide transportation for your pup.

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